FTD – from someone who knows


This enlightening blog is written by Cindy Odell. Cindy has FTD.


Cindy writes thoughtfully and honestly about her diagnosis, her life and her frustration as FTD slowly dissolves everything in her life. I am so in awe of her spirit and determination not to let the bastard disease off lightly. I am also saddened that such bright, articulate and intelligent men and women like Cindy are so cruelly struck down by FTD. 

I admire the fact that Cindy is able to articulate her ups and downs. She fights with every word she writes. Cindy has courage, tenacity and retains a good sense of humor too!

The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.

                                        — C.C Scott

With FTD, there are no flowers, no accolades, no prizes.

But the human spirit blooms proudly, despite what FTD tries to do.

Beautiful strength