‘My happiness meter is so different now’ – An interview with Deborah Thelwell

Here is an interview I did with Rob Perry who lost his mother, aged 55 to FTD in 2013. His questions certainly made me think! Let me know what you think…..


For this blog post I have interviewed Debra Thelwell whose husband, Alan, sadly passed away in 2012. He was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia (FTD) in 2007.

It has been a pleasure to conduct this interview with Debra; she has blogged extensively about her experiences of FTD and recently published a memoir: The Dance: Our journey through frontotemporal dementia

As always, I hope this post raises awareness of the disease and in particular the sheer scale of the havoc that it causes. This is the first interview in which I have questioned somebody who has experience of adapting to life post-FTD and it is clear from Debra’s answers that this is an endless and ever changing process.


I understand that your husband sadly passed away two years ago after living with FTD. Perhaps you could start by explaining your story in more detail?

My husband and I had been married…

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2 thoughts on “‘My happiness meter is so different now’ – An interview with Deborah Thelwell

  1. Ms Thelwell, I have read your book Dancing with Dementia and follow your blog – my dad was diagnsoed with FTD three years ago. You mentioned in a blog about state monies that provide for care for loved ones needing dementia care. I know you are from the UK but I think you were referring to the USA providing this benefit. Can you provide me with more information on this program. Thanks

    Shelly Hill Guardian for Dad diagnosed FTD 2011


    1. Shelly. So sorry to hear about your Dad. It’s a rough deal FTD, no fun for anyone. Here in Arizona there is a state assistance program for healthcare for those people who have no income. Since my husbands only source of income was what I earned from my work, he was deemed to meet the criteria for qualification. I don’t know how it is in other states, but I think most have some kind of program. If you haven’t already, I suggest you join the Facebook page “Frontotemporal Dementias Information and Support”, not only will you find more information in their resources, but also a fantastic group of people who are all living the FTD life just like you.The absolute best resource and place to start is http://www.theaftd.org. I wish you peace on your journey…


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