“The Dance” – a memoir of FTD

Today I am excited to announce that my book – “The Dance” is very close to its publication date. It has been a labor of love for the last two years. If you are dealing with FTD, our story is probably not that much different to yours, but I hope that it will throw some light on the topic of FTD for those who may not be familiar with the bastard disease.

It was a journey, that’s for sure. A rocky road of pain and heartache with a few laughs thrown in along the way. Well, more than a few actually.

I know my husband would be very proud of me for sharing our story with you. He was always my toughest critic, but in the nicest possible way. I am very proud of it too. Not just because it’s about us, but because the writing of it was so cathartic. Sometimes, the constant editing and rewriting seemed arduous. Re-reading such painful experiences was almost masochistic. I referred to the many journals I had kept over a five year period. Sometimes I even shocked myself with the things I had written and forgotten about.

I hadn’t forgotten about the pain of course. That’s still around. But I have a handle on it now. Can keep it subdued so it doesn’t come back and bite me in the ass, as it is wont to do. It still does sometimes though. When I’m driving and a song comes on that reminds me of him or a time we shared.

I have learned a lot in the last seven years. Everyone does of course. We have to learn in order to survive this mortal coil. I know I’ve learned one thing for sure –you never know enough.

Anyway, just wanted to share my news. I hope you will consider reading our story. It will be available on Amazon in paperback and a Kindle version very soon.

Thank you for following my blog, it means a lot to me that anyone is prepared to listen to my “tell-it-like-it-is” babbling. I appreciate your indulgence 🙂




22 thoughts on ““The Dance” – a memoir of FTD

  1. Dear Deborah As I made my own way down the FTD pathway, I followed your blog with interest – as I think you did mine at http://www.myhusbandhasftd.wordpress.com . You were ahead of me and, I suspect, grieving badly. In some ways I caught up with you rather swiftly when my dear ‘Mr’ died so suddenly. For me also the recording and sharing element was a huge benefit.

    I will buy your book with interest as many people are hinting that I do the same with our story. From the responses that I have had and you also, carers say that reading about how other partners deal with FTD is one of the main ways that they have learned how to cope – besides the ‘hands on’, of course. I like the cover very much. Well done. Toni B


  2. As a sufferer of bvFTD, I am so looking forward to the publishing of your book. I have no family so I have been trying to “adopt” people to help me down this arduous path that FTD has put me on. Your book will help me educate people. Thank you…


  3. I’m on page 98 of 168 & for someone who rarely reads it seems to be my new found pastime. I was diagnosed in April of this year with FTD something I’d never heard of so your book is a great find.
    The love & life you & Alan shared has caught my attention, I’ve laughed at parts & been saddened at others but most of all I wanted to thank you for sharing x


    1. Oh you are so very welcome. I am so sorry to hear of your diagnosis, I hope you have the support and understanding that you need. Are you a member of the many FTD Facebook groups or a physical group near your home? Please let me know if I can offer support in some way. Wishing you peace and love


      1. Hi yes I’m a member of 2facebook FTD support groups & my dementia support worker runs a group called Active8 once a fortnight.


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