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Although about the journey through Alzheimer’s disease, many of the experiences and thoughts ring true with so many of us…….

Info & Resources for Caregivers from Dr. Chow


Thanks to Dr. Stan Eaman (Buddhist and ret. BC psychiatrist) for this book recommendation: Olivia James Hoblitzelle wrote lovingly of her time with husband “Hob,” as they got through Alzheimer’s disease together. Ten Thousand Joys, Ten Thousand Sorrows was retitled and reprinted internationally in 2010. I admit I have only read the sample of the e-book thus far, but if you liked The Memory Clinic, you may appreciate the same messages from the viewpoint of this spousal caregiver whose words flow with grace.

A brief excerpt from the book:
I felt a surge of impatience, then realized that the problem wasn’t a need to hurry but my own grief at his growing disability. Impatience was easier to deal with than feeling the depth of my grief.

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2 thoughts on “Book Rec

  1. Thanks for the book recommendation, Deborah. I’m going to see if it’s available in as an e-book, as I’m buying my first tablet tomorrow.

    I found your blog via the AFTD website. My husband has FTD bV and your blog seems like it will be a treasure. We’ll be celebrating our 28th wedding anniversary next month. We were at the food court of a large mall today and I remember the stares as he folded large pieces of pizza in half and shoved them into his mouth. On the other hand, I felt a little bit like a mama bear who wanted to defend him…. Sorry for getting off-topic, but hopefully you or someone else reading this will understand.


    1. I completely understand Sue. My own book will be published in May. The aftd website is great, I found it invaluable. They also have resources you can tap into – for example, you can receive a grant of up to $500 per year for respite. So if you want to go away for a few days and pay for respite care, you can use it for that. I used mine to pay for my son’s flight so that he could come and take over while I went away with friends for a couple of days. Definitely worth a look. Also, if you use Facebook, check out Frontotemporal Dementias Info and Support page. There is a wonderful group of people on there who are all going through similar experiences. Sometimes you just need to know you’re not alone. Especially after a “food court” incident or being up at 3am!
      Glad to have been of help, keep reading!


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