Feeling the love, hating the guilt

Excellent points on relinquishing your practical caregiving role from Dementiachallengers  -which offers advice and stories about caregivers of people with dementia (http://dementiachallengers.wordpress.com)


When my mother was diagnosed with dementia, she said to me “when things get really bad, just put me into an old people’s home”. We both laughed (albeit rather bitterly) and life moved on. A few weeks later I revisited the conversation after talking to another carer who’d told me her mother had made her promise that she would be cared for at home until she died – and the carer was finding it impossible to keep that vow. This time, when I talked to mum, I promised we would do everything in our power to keep her at home but that we couldn’t promise she’d never have to move into a care setting. To be honest, that wasn’t well received by mum and I felt dreadful saying it but we really needed to have that conversation – and at the same time we talked about the other difficult topics:…

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