Shutting down – the markers

This is quite the list. It is an excellent example of how capabilities are eroded. Sometimes you barely notice and then bam! Another thing added (or taken away )

My Husband has FTD

The inexorable shutting down process continues with a steady stream of unmistakeable signs of slowing down, as FTD consumes Mr’s brain.  Yes, there are huge language difficulties with the word ‘sections’  being used several times in each sentence as a noun substitute; however, the main symptoms that I am monitoring are the deteriorations in behavioural, comprehension and habits, such as the daily and now twice daily, request for egg and chips.  Here are a few more examples that I have observed:

  • He rarely shows people the photographs which used to come out several times a day
  • Likewise the Professor name badge and the photos on his camera appear only occasionally
  • On most days he has difficulty working out time and reading a clock accurately
  • He hasn’t used a telephone for nearly a year. The last time he got into such a muddle calling the doctor’s surgery when I…

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