Observe Unrealistic Expectations

Remember what I said about “Acceptance”? Here are some good examples of how to handle the changes that come with FTD…….

The Cathie Barash Blog

a expectation

Hope everyone has had a joyous holiday thus far! If not, then usually the culprit is unrealistic expectations of ourselves and others, which often leaves us feeling overwhelmed, disappointed, obligated, and stressed.

As long as we find ourselves thinking about what we and other people should be doing, thinking, or feeling, we are going to feel upset through our expectations. Therefore, as we go into the New Year, we can observe the shoulds we often live by, and look to embrace more of our wants, and what is authentically true for us instead.

Thankfully, we have the power to review our expectations and create our life the way we want it, without waiting for others to change. Instead of trying to coerce a family member, friend or spouse into changing themselves because of the way we feel; we can focus on what we can be doing differently, and makeā€¦

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