More from Vancouver CCD – LTC Quality, Some Clinical FTD Tidbits

Many of the ideas presented here echo my own experience of my husband’s care in Phoenix, Arizona. The staff and facility met all the criteria mentioned here and I strongly believe that this is the right way to go.

Info & Resources for Caregivers from Dr. Chow

20131005-121703.jpgMary Schulz of the Alzheimer Society of Canada reminded us all that “70% of all diagnosed with dementia will die in a nursing home.” This gave great purpose to a morning-long plenary session on person-centred care at long-term care facilities (LTC). I share the following with you so that you know what standard of care you are looking for if you need to choose a facility.
Fostering social inclusion is a major underlying theme. Peter Whitehouse suggested setting up “a pub in every LTC facility,” [or at least an equivalent atmosphere] by way of giving a quick snapshot of the concepts listed below.

Liz Drance of Parkview and Assoc Prof of Psych at UBC cited the work of Tom Kitwood, who has written on a personhood-honouring approach. One main tenet is that interactions in a care environment can either support or interfere with personhood. On the supportive side:

  • recognition

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