FTD Awareness Week starts Sept 30th!

FTD Awareness Week – many events planned

Info & Resources for Caregivers from Dr. Chow

I’m trying to get in with CBC to get the word out onto the airwaves for next week. Here’s the pitch, in case you can call on any of your own connections:

Frontotemporal dementia or degeneration is a non-Alzheimer’s cause of dementia, and it is remarkable in its targetting of  people in their 50s or 60s, which creates a whole different set of barriers to effective parenting, getting ready for retirement, and professional liability. Whereas Alzheimer’s disease steals memories, frontotemporal dementia changes personalities and destroys social skills and judgment. The collateral damage to families is devastating in a different way from Alzheimer’s disease.


On September 30th, we will commemorate the first annual FTD awareness week. Advocates all over North America will host events over which bread will be broken and the illness can be discussed as “Food for Thought.” Click here more information on this illness and resources for caregivers.

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